Data Dating

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Title : Data Dating

Curator : Valentina Peri

Dimensions : 48 colour pages

Edition : Galerie Charlot

Published in May 2018

ISBN: 978-2-9541000-6-7

Abstract :

Catalogue of the exhibition from May 18 to June 25

Artists: Tom Galle, Moises Sanabria, John Yuyi, Olga Fedorova, Jeroen Van Loon, Adam Basanta, Antoine Schmitt, Thomas Israel, Mediengruppe Bitnik, Zach Gage, Addie Wagenknencht & Pablo Garcia

What does it mean to love in the Internet age? How are digital interfaces reshaping our personal relationships? What do new technologies imply for the future of the romantic sphere? How do screens affect our sexual intimacy? Are the new means of connection shifting the old paradigms of adult life? By bringing together the work of several international artists, the exhibition Data Dating attempts to explore new directions in modern romance: new forms of intimate communication, the process of commodification of love through online dating services and hookup applications, unprecedented meeting and mating behaviors, the renegotiation of sexual identities, and changing erotic mores and taboos.